Dahao EMCAD Embroidery Pattern-design System

Dahao EMCAD Embroidery Pattern-design System, Good for making sequin design


Introduction of Products


    emCAD, the embroidery pattern designing software developed by Dahao, not only has its own feature functions, but also is compatible with mainstream pattern designing softwares. It is easy to use and innovative features are continuously added. Therefore, it is very popular among embroidery pattern designers.

    The biggest feature of emCAD is its sequin pattern designing function. Apart from multi-sequin input, it also provides many sequin pattern editing method, which makes pattern modification much easier. The optimized ability of processing large sequin pattern makes the modification of large sequin pattern as easy as that of ordinary patterns and makes it very convenient for application.

    New and innovative applications have been continuously added to emCAD along with the innovation of Dahao embroidery control systems. After the popularization of multi-sequin device and bead embroidery device, double texture sequin embroidery and bead embroidery pattern designing functions have been added to emCAD lately. To cope with the development of super multi-head independent carving machine, emCAD has also launched its innovative carving function code, which makes it convenient for users to add car ving to flat embroidery.


Introduction of Basic Functions


    Compound Filling (with hole)

    The complex close shape with hole can be created easily. The controller will intelligently create the stitch forms bypassing the internal area and keep the holes, and the satin stitches, tatami stitches or the motif stitches can be filled.

Zigzag Edge

    With the zigzag function, user can easily make the effects of the fur, feather or petals. For realizing the zigzag function in manual method, it will take a long time at before. But now, user can achieve this effect in one step operation.


Self-setting Corner

    By setting the properties of corner, user can adjust the stitch form of the corner. At present, there are two kind of corner effect. One is mitre corner, the other is cap corner.


Load Image

    Loading image as the background will make the patterndesigning become easier.


Outline Filling

    As different from the traditional filling method, it is to gradually fill the stitches from one side of the outline to the other side.


 Fragment Filling

    In the close area, the system will randomly sew a wave line at certain interval and use that wave to fill this close area.


Wave Filling

    Create the filling effect of wave. At present, the system support one wave line and double wave line, whose effect can be set freely.

    Horizontal/Vertical Copy

    With this function, user can use the direction keys to fast copy the shape at four directions after pointing the copy distances in horizontal direction and vertical direction.

    Matrix Copy

    The system will copy a series of objects in circle or matrix method.


 Multiple Satin Stitch

    User can sew the satin stitches for many times to receive the effect of thick thread embroidery. The normal satin stitch counter can only provide the multiple sewing in one direction, but after the setting, this system can make the multiple sewing in two directions.

    Compound Filling Stitch with Deviation

    At filling the stitches in the close shape, if the connection line of the different stitch section is on the outline, the embroidery effect will be not so good at low embroidery density. At this moment, user can use this function to deviate the connection line away from the outline so that the stitch forms can be limited within the range of the outline.

    Insert Deviation Object

    Create a series of objects that is parallel to the original shape in certain distance, direction and amount

    For the close object, user can set whether to connect them in screw way. For the open object, user can set different connection methods

    Self-setting Division

    User can add one or more curves as the dividing lines, which are used to divide the pattern. With this function, the embroidery effects of leaves and petals are more natural.

    Curve Division

    User can add one or more curves as the dividing lines, which are used to divide the shape or object. With this function, user can divide the original shape or object into several shapes or objects

    Zigzag Edge Method:

    This software provides many ways to handle the zigzag edge.

    1. Normal single-side zigzag and double-side zigzag

    2. The single-side zigzag and double-side zigzag disposed according to scale coefficient and scale amount

    3. Special Effect


Introduction of Letter Embroidery



    The software provides several built-in fonts which is easy for user to edit the letter pattern. The letter pattern provides the handling methods for letter filling stitch and letter outline stitch. By the way, the letter array methods are also provided in the software.


    2. Shuti Font

    3. Black Font

    4. Thin Black

    5. Li Font

    Array Method

    1. Arc

    2. Circle

    3. Vertical Line

    4. Free Curve

    Stitch of Font Outline

    User can load the font built in the software or the font installed in the operation system to create the outline stitch of font in the software.


Introduction of Sequin Pattern-designing Function


    Manual Sequin Function

    With manual sequin function, user can put sequins in different sizes on the basis of the manual stitch form randomly. User can set the sequin size at inputting the point, which enables to make the irregular sequin pattern more conveniently.

    Automatic Sequin Function

    This function enable to put the sequins with certain sequence on a curve, and user can set the sizes of the sequins used, stitch form of the fixing line and sequin density. User needn’t to set the sequin one by one any more, while the software can automatically create the sequin pattern according to the input outline.

    Manual Sequin Functions

    For the sequin pattern with low density, user can use the manual sequin function to design the pattern and set the stitch along with the curve outline

    Enable to fill sequin with many input methods and stitch methods.

    Support the Tatami in input method A, B and C. The E-shape stitch for sequin can make the sequin-fill in the special shape become easier.

    Sequin Edition

    With the sequin edition function, user can turn the sequin in one style to other styles, or to series of sequins in other styles, so as to achieve the complicated sequin effect.

    Sequin Texture Function

    With this function, user can set the different sequin codes according to the drawn vector figure so as to match the sequin shape to the vector figure

    Object Sequin Transfer

    This function enables to turn the original sequin codes within the object to other sequin codes in batch. User has no needs to select the sequin stitch forms for transferring.

    Sequin Segmentation

    User can segment large sequin area into intended shapes via drawing vector graph or line segments.

    Double Texture Sequin Embroidery Function

    Double texture fast shift with one button: user can set different colors for different textures and use just one button to make the shift, which is convenient for designers to check the pattern effect.



Bead Embroidery Pattern Designing Function


    Due to the different position of beads lying on the fabrics, their positioning is different from normal sequin. User can rightly display the bead position by setting the bead height.


Carving Pattern Designing Function Code


    Dahao control systems support independent carving function. Super multi-head double-needle lace machine with independent carving function adopts one servo motor to drive the carving cutter and thus the carving drive and embroidery drive are separate so as to realize simultaneous carving of the double-needle.

    Dahao DHA file supports carving function code for the convenient pattern designing of this new function. It is convenient for user to add carving embroidery and set different carving depth for each stitch.


The DHA Format Combining to Dahao Controller


    emCAD can generate the special pattern format for Dahao control systems, that is .DHA file. This kind of pattern file carries the parameters recognizable to Dahao control systems, such as color-changing sequence, embroidery parameters, etc., and therefore it simplifies the operation and improves the production efficiency. For example, after user inputs a pattern to the control system, system will automatically set the color-changing sequence and user can pull bar to start embroidery directly.